As a pioneering company in the production of the genuine Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur, we are proud of our roots and the loyalty we maintain to the original formula, from which we seek to innovate and diversify, offering our consumers the highest standards in food quality and safety.


FRUTÓBIDOS is owned by Marina Brás, who acquired it in 2001 from Joaquim Albano, the founder, and from whom she received the original convent recipe of the genuine Vila das Rainhas® Sour Cherry Liqueur.

Rated and recognised by the Programme for the Promotion of Trades and Microbusinesses in the Crafts Sector (PPART) as a Handcrafts Production Unit under the scope of the Production of Liqueurs, Syrups and Non-Wine Spirits, Frutóbidos remains faithful to the tradition and the original recipe, having made a few adaptations in terms of dimension to enable it to respond at the production level.


To produce and sell products of superior quality, using the sour cherry fruit and all its sub-products as its main raw material.


To differentiate and promote our products so that they become a reference to consumers in the national and international market, allying innovation and tradition.


To preserve tradition and authenticity; To drive the local community and economy; To promote environmental balance and sustainability; To value endogenous resources.


Adding value to the product, through a handmade and traditional production, Frutóbidos invests in the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of its production processes as well as the satisfaction of its consumers. The Vila das Rainhas® Ginja d’Óbidos sour cherry liqueur thus reaches a new level, enjoyed by the whole world, providing rare and unforgettable moments of pleasure.


… Frutóbidos’ Ginja d’Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur has been present in the traditional bars of the town of Óbidos, to which the company distributes the liqueur in customised bottles with the name and logo of each establishment, which has widely contributed to the increase in the number of sour cherry liqueur lovers as well as to the increment of the tradition of having a “Ginjinha” with friends.



The secret behind the Vila das Rainhas® Ginja d’Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur starts in the orchard, where the fruit is produced and picked. After a thorough selection, already at Frutóbidos’ facilities, the sour cherries are placed in an alcohol infusion. After a prolonged resting period, the fruit is duly prepared to be later mixed with the sugar syrup.

Before the filtering and subsequent bottling, all the liqueur is subject to lab tests, which enable us to assure the compliance with the product specifications. The success of the Vila das Rainhas® Ginja d’Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur is in the essence of the handmade production, without any colourings or flavourings, obtaining a ruby-coloured nectar with a velvety flavour, which should be consumed at a temperature of between 14ºC and 15ºC.

Depending on the consumer’s preference, the Vila das Rainhas® Ginja d’Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur bottles can be provided with or without fruit; the fruit is merely decorative and to this effect, we select the most beautiful and delicious sour cherries from the crop.


Prémio Cinco
Estrelas (2021)

prémios vila das rainhas

SIP Awards - Duplo
Ouro (2020)

prémios vila das rainhas

SIP Awards - Escolha do Consumidor (2020)

prémios vila das rainhas

Prémio Cinco
Estrelas (2020)

Prémio Cinco
Estrelas (2019)

prémios vila das rainhas

Silver (2018)

Prémio Cinco
Estrelas (2017)

prémios vila das rainhas

Silver (2017)

prémios vila das rainhas

Tasted 100%
Blind (2017)

prémios vila das rainhas

Prata (2016)

prémios vila das rainhas

Superior Taste Award Brussels

prémios vila das rainhas

Bronze (2015)

prémios vila das rainhas

Tasted 100%
Blind (2015)

prémios vila das rainhas

Portugal Liqueur Distillery of the Year Gold (2015)

prémios vila das rainhas

Ginja D'Óbidos
Sabor do Ano


The name honours the various queens that have passed by Óbidos and the land where this liqueur, enjoyed by men and women from all the over the world, is produced.

Tasting the delicious Vila das Rainhas® Ginja d’Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur, tenderly called “Ginjinha” by many Portuguese, is an enormous pleasure and also the perpetuation of a memorable tradition.

Throughout the times, Vila das Rainhas® Ginja d’Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur with its sweet, sour and fruity flavour, has been a reason for conviviality, joy and inspiration for its fans, who find in its unmistakable aroma and palate the perfect company in times of joy and relaxation.

In Óbidos, the birthplace of the Vila das Rainhas® Ginja d’Óbidos Sour Cherry Liqueur, it is almost mandatory to have a “Ginjinha” with friends when visiting one of the many bars in the historic town.


FRUTÓBIDOS has been certifying its Food Safety Management System (NP EN ISO 22000) since 2011. This is an internationally renowned certification that was added to the Handcrafts Production Unit Certification obtained in 2004 whose scope concerns the production of liqueurs, compots, jams and similar products.


The Vila das Rainhas® Sour Cherry Liqueur started its internationalisation process in 2004 and is already present all over the world.